Low-voltage current transformers

Window and wound type current transformers Split core current transformers Summation current transformers Cast resin current transformers

REDUR low-voltage current transformers: Compact, versatile, precise, modern

REDUR offers a broad range of low-voltage current transformers.

Our products range from window and wound type current transformers to split core and  summation current transformers, as well as cast resin and taped window type current transformers and customised devices modified and adjusted to your needs. Our low-voltage current transformers feature a modern and compact design, versatility and model-specific properties.

Window and wound type current transformers

Our window and wound current transformers in a plastic enclosure are available for a wide range of bus bar or cable dimensions, ratios and accuracy classes. They are the most compact current transformers of their type available on the market.

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Summation current transformers

Summationcurrent transformers – for complex currents. 
REDUR summation current transformers are ideal for all applications requiring the adding up of secondary currents of different primary currents. Our scurrent transformers can add up and divide input currents and transform them into a standardised signal, which can then be processed by a measuring instrument. We offer summation current transformers for upt ot nine equal and unequal main current transformers.

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Split core current transformers

Split core current transformers – e.g. for retrofitting. 
Our split core current transformers can be used on cables as well as for bus bars. The ability to open the CT enables a retrofitting in new or existing installationss.

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Cast resin current transformers

Cast resin current transformers – for harsh environments and demading applications. 
Our cast resin current transformers are highly shock and vibration resistant, which makes them ideal for applications that are subjected to heavy mechanical loads. They are suitable for primary currents up to 10,000 A. to Secondary currents are stamdardly of 1 or 5 A. Other secondary current values upon request.
They can be designed for one or more protection and/or measuring cores.

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Taped window type current transformers

Taped window type transformers are e.g. used in power transformers or GIS switch gears . They can likewise be offered for primary currents up to 10,000 A.

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Custom solutions: As individual as your application

Some applications have requirements that are beyond the capabilities of standard instrument transformers. In such cases we would appreciate to develop a your customised product or adapt existing products to your needed conditions or requirements. We will find the right solution to your application, too. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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