Resin current transformers

Our cast resin current transformers are tough

Demanding and harsh conditions prevail in many industrial environments.

The components used there must therefore be especially robust. Cast resin current transformers are predestinated for such applications, because they are designed and manufactured to be highly resistant to shock, vibrations and weather.

We offer our epoxy resin cast current transformers as window type current transformers.

We manufacture our cast resin current transformers for primary rated currents up to 10,000 A and secondary rated currents from 1 A to or 5 A for protection and / or metering purposes. On request, other primary or secondary currents offered.

Your benefits with cast resin current transformers from REDUR:

  • High resistance to shock, vibration and weather
  • Rated currents up to 10,000 A (primary) and 1 A or to 5 A (secondary)
  • Broad area of application
  • Special versions on request

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