Current transformers

Medium-voltage current transformers and voltage transformers

Our product spectrum includes medium-voltage instrument transformers for system voltages up to 36 kV.  Our voltage transformers can be supplied for primary rated voltages up to 30.000 V and our current transformers for primary rated currents up to 3,000 A. The voltage transformers of the series VUS and the current transformers of the series VIS are most suitable for indoor applications. The dimensions and connection measusres are  conform to the DIN standard 42600. They are casted with high-quality resin and therefore meet stringent requirements for impact and vibration resistance.

Medium-voltage current transformers type VIS 

These current transformers were developed for system series voltages up to 36 kV and primary rated currents up to 3000 A. They feature a compact design and are especially suitable for applications with tight installation space.

The advantages of these transformers at a glance:

  • System voltages of 3.6 kV / 7.2 kV / 12 kV / 17.5 kV / 24 kV / 36 kV
  •  Input currents up to 3000 A
  •  Frequency 50/60 Hz 
  •  Can be used for measuring and protection purposes
  •  Also available as a multi-core current transformer

Indoor window type cast resin current transformers type VID

Our one-piece bushing current transformers, type VID, were developed for primary rated currents up to 10,000 A and a thermal continuous current of 1.2x Ipr. They are maintenance-free and are suitable for all indoor cable and bus bar installations. Due to the casting can they be used in rough and vibrating environments.

  • The advantages of these current transformers at a glance:
  •  Primary rated currents up to 10,000 A
  •  Frequency 50/60 Hz
  •  Protection type IP20
  •  Temperature-resistant from -5 °C to +40 °C

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