About the PHOENIX MECANO Group


PHOENIX MECANO: From technical gases to enclosures and mechanical components

PHOENIX MECANO AG is a Swiss  worldwide acting technology company. The group specialises in the development and production of enclosure technology and industrial components. 
The origin of the present-day Phoenix Mecano Group was the Phoenix Maschinentechnik AG established in 1975. Initially, the company was working on the development and sale of technical gases for the welding industry. As many welding torches back then were of mediocre to poor quality, the company started manufacturing such equipment itsself. Over the years, the company became a component manufacturer. The field of micro-electronics, which became widespread in the 1970s, offered a further field of activities, due to the lack of robust housing systems for sensitive electronic systems on the market.

On the Swiss Exchange since 1988

In 1986, Phoenix Maschinentechnik AG acquired the Hartmann company. From Since then on, the product portfolio included also electrical engineering components. The company’s previous name was no longer suitable and was therefore changed to the present-day PHOENIX MECANO AG. Since 1988 the company’s shares are traded on the Swiss Exchange.

The PHOENIX MECANO group focuses on niche products and customer orientation

In addition to REDUR, the group also includes numerous other companies. The focus is on the professional manufacturing of niche products. Another priority is to maintain close customer relations. The products of the PHOENIX MECANO Group are used in diverse industries:

  • Machine and plant construction
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Medical technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Energy sector
  • Living and care

Continue on growth course

The ongoing trend in the industry is clearly in the lean production methods and the concentration on the core business. This opens up new opportunities for PHOENIX MECANO AG as a component manufacturer. Another growth driver is the ongoing digitization and networking of many industries. REDUR makes an important contribution to the development of this market with the digital converter IPU +.

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