Our customised solutions

Customised solutions – Our low-voltage transformers for your application

REDUR is not an anonymous manufacturer of electrical components

On the contrary: We maintain close contact with our customers and know about their requirements well, so that we can develop design suitable customised solutions for them. This allows us to provide exactly the products they need. Products of highest quality, also in small quantities. You, too, can benefit from our expertise in the development, production and configuration of low-voltage instrument transformers. 

The following examples show how we can support you with custom tailored solutions.


What counts is the technology

Special winding technology for heat-dissipating elements

One of our customers had developed a switch gear cabinet for rated currents up to 2500 A. The design was so compact that the space between the power rails was insufficient for conventional current transformers.

Our engineers therefore developed a special winding technology, using heat-dissipating elements. These design modifications made it possible to use a smaller enclosure for the current transformer which fitted exactly at the intended position in the customer’s cabinet.


Taping was the solution

A transformer without enclosure

Another long-standing customer had developed an extremely compact bus bar arrangement that was not compatible with conventional current transformers. To design the transform as compact as possible, needed by the customer, our engineers developed a current transformer without enclosure. To protect the equipment against vibrations and environmental influences it was equipped with banding tape. Herewith it was possible to install it in the customer’s system without difficulty.

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