Current transformers with integrated electronics

REDUR current transformers with integrated electronics

The ideal solution: REDUR current transformers with a built-in transducer

REDUR current transformers with integrated transducers of the series IPU/IPU+ and RES100 reduce wiring requirements and need much less space than two combined single devices. Our transducers are suitable for measuring sinusoidal alternating currents from 30 A to 1,500 A. The input value is galvanically separated (5 kV / 1 min), rectified (mean value) and transformed into a proportional impressed direct current or direct voltage.

Measuring transformers from REDUR:

  • Significantly reduce wiring requirements
  • Save installation space
  • Measure sinusoidal alternating currents from 30 to 1500 A

The IPU+: Five times faster than analogue measuring transformers

Our IPU+ series is the first measuring transformer on the market that directly provides digital signals. There are many advantages to that: The modern technology enables a higher measuring frequency than that of conventional devices. The IPU+ therefore has an output time of only 20 milliseconds, which is five times faster than analogue systems. In addition, it provides more accurate measurements and requires less maintenance.

Your benefits with digital measuring transformers from REDUR:

  • Output time of only 20 milliseconds
  • Higher precision than analogue systems
  • Reduced maintenance

Only 1 device instead of 3

The IPU+ processes direct and alternating current with a frequency of up to 400 Hz and therefore combines three devices in one: The device has a built-in transducer, which eliminates the need for an additional transducer for transforming the analogue signal to a digital signal. All REDUR current transformers with a built-in transducer have low power consumption, since they use the signal current and therefore require no auxiliary power.

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