Medium-voltage transformers

REDUR medium-voltage transformers

Medium-voltage current transformers and voltage transformers

Medium-voltage transformers transform one or more primary currents proportionally and phase-locked into standardised secondary currents. They not only protect downstream systems from damage, but also make currents and voltages measurable.

REDUR delivers robust, compact voltage transformers and current transformers for measuring and calculating medium currents and series voltages up to 36 kV. All of our medium-voltage current transformers and medium-voltage current transformers are impregnated with high-quality cast resin. This not only provides outstanding insulation, but also impregnates the sensitive windings of the transformer to protect it against adverse environmental conditions.

Numerous areas of application

Our transformers for medium-voltage switching systems are used in industry and in power plants or substations of utility companies. We deliver both single-core and multi-core transformers, depending on the individual requirements and required output. Since the cores of our multi-core transformers are all connected in series, there is no difference in height compared to the single-core transformers. No additional space is needed for the height.

Why use medium-voltage transformers from REDUR?

There are many reasons for choosing our medium-voltage current transformers and medium-voltage current transformers. Four of them are

  • We use only high-quality materials
  • The units have a very compact design
  • There is a large number of variants available
  • We are glad to develop custom solutions on request

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