Product overview

Instrument transformers, transducers or display devices: We deliver the basis for your success!

REDUR is your specialist for low- and medium-voltage transformers and transducers

Our products are used in switchgears and control gears, converters or rectifiers, charging stations, wind turbines and solar installations, and numerous other applications. 
Our transducers can be used to measure active and reactive power, as well as currents, voltages and frequencies, and convert them to signals that can be interpreted by control systems (e.g PLCs). 

No matter which product you choose: You always receive a top quality, as well as a compresensive and individual service.

Low-voltage instrument transformers

REDUR low-voltage transformers are not only precise, but also versatile and modern featuring a modern design and model specific properties. Discover the broad product spectrum of our low-voltage equipment and learn more about our  window and wound, split core, taped and resin impregnated window type current transformers. 

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REDUR transducers always offer suitable electrical values and are versatile in use. They convert AC values into DC current or voltage signals which allows the transmission of the signals even over long distances without problems. In addition a transducer can be used to reduce the number of cables leading to a measuring instruments.

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Current transformers with integrated transducer

Using a REDUR current transformer with integrated transducer is the perfect solution to reduce the wiring works and installation space . They are designed to measure sinusoidal current and giving a DC current or voltage output signal.

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Medium-voltage transformers

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Do you need a customised solution? We would be glad to assist you!

Our standard products do not fulfil your requirements? Then we would like to help you. Together we will develop a product that meets your requirements and preferences. 

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